38.Toya Bowden(non-registered)
Browsing in your beautiful gallery
37.Robert Hillman(non-registered)
You are a master of your craft. Keep up the great work. Are the coffee table books for sale or are they just for viewing on the internet?
36.Pam - NYCHA(non-registered)
Plenty of WOW MOMENTS they are beautiful pics. Can't wait to see the next great photos that will follow. Thx for sharing.
good photos,keep up the good work
33.Wendi Hill(non-registered)
Great shots. Please reach out me.
32.Vicki lee(non-registered)
Lovely work,particularly the floral shots,thanks for sharing.
31.Robin Evelyn(non-registered)
30.LaNita Symone Smith(non-registered)
Monie Love was here....lol, Very nice, I was actually Looking for changing colors.
28.Michelle James-Sergeant(non-registered)
Lovely Pics.You should do more of the PSAL football/basketball games. The market is big in Long Island, but no one for nyc schools.
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